MHRF is a brainchild of two veterans, both fond of reading and writing, both exponents of the military history of the IA, and both with seven tenures each in J&K. Having noticed numerous gaps in our own military history as well as inaccuracies in the existing literature, we decided to embark on a journey that now occupies the centre stage in our post-retirement lives.

Germination: Conceived and initiated in 2019, the idea had its own share of prenatal and perinatal complications. And yet the moment the first sprig was spotted, all the trouble stood forgotten forever.

Nurturing: Money doesn’t grow on plants but such plants need money to sustain and prosper. With external assistance neither available nor sought, own corpora were used to set the ball rolling and that is how it stands today. We intend to remain organic during the years to come.

Our Mission: To support tangible serious research work in the field of Military History as it pertains to IA, its notable leaders, and campaigns. To start with, our focus remains on the post-independence era and is open to expansions as and when so required.

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