Call of the Fatherland

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The Killer Instinct

The Killer Instinct

1295 INR
COMMANDOS. Those elite troops for whom nothing is impossible. A special breed of soldiers who walk dangerously and believe that “Who Dares, Wins”. Real-life action heroes who plunge into situations normally confined to celluloid. It is these men who form the cutting edge of real-life war games. Men whom Winston Churchill once described as “mad, quite mad...(but) in war there is often a place for mad people who bring glory at all costs.” This action-packed book tells the story of Special Forces worldwide and examines these forces. How are they organised, trained and equipped? What are the tasks they carry out in combat? How do they operate in the battlefield? What is their role in countering terrorism? What will be their role in the context of future warfare? Tracing the history of raids and rescue missions from the raid on Somnath Temple by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1025 to those of Shivaji on the Mughals in 1663, it goes on to describe the rescue of Mussolini from Italy, Israeli hostages from Entebbe Airport and killing of Osama. Detailed descriptions and analysis of Second World War raids as well as the Indian Army commando action against the terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir and Mumbai demonstrate the daring of the men who constitute the Special Forces today. With these modern-day Otto Skorzenys and David Stirlings at large, no citadel is secure enough, no army safe from penetration. Terrorism looms large as a major threat today to free societies of the world. It is a cheaper method of waging a war. The only way the world can cope effectively with this threat is by cooperating internationally against it. Illustrated throughout, The Killer Instinct is a highly readable account of past raids and rescues, terrorism and the face of war in the new millennium.
Forgotten Glory: Battle of Mynamati by the Wartime CO

Forgotten Glory: Battle of Mynamati by the Wartime CO

499 INR
A story untold so far. A story of one of the bloodiest battles fought during the war. A story of a RAJPUTANA RIFLES Battalion ordered to assault a hill where the enemy was three times in numbers!
The Last Post: Music, Remembrance and the Great War (Hardcover; INR 1375; Delivered pan India only)

The Last Post: Music, Remembrance and the Great War (Hardcover; INR 1375; Del...

1375 INR
The Last Post: Music, Remembrance and the Great War (Hardcover; INR 1375)
Perilous Depths Paperback

Perilous Depths Paperback

599 INR
Accounts of life inside a submarine. Written by a career submariner of the Indian Navy, this book gives its readers a peep into the living and operating conditions prevailing inside a submarine. Authentic, crisp and gripping!
Cutting Edge: Being a Subunit Commander  (Second Edition; Paperback INR 750; Delivered pan India only)

Cutting Edge: Being a Subunit Commander (Second Edition; Paperback INR 750; ...

750 INR
A companion of the subunit commanders in the Indian Army, the book serves as a prompter rather than a copy-paste guide and invites attention to the finer aspects of command by a subunit commander.
Meghna: River of Victory

Meghna: River of Victory

1495 INR
To have the good fortune to be an active participant in an epoch-making event like the liberation of Bangladesh is an honour and privilege not shared by many. The good fortune to survive and live to record and tell the tale is the privilege of only a minuscule minority. This work comes from the desk of one such participant who saw it unfolding in front of his own eyes. Decorated for his gallantry, the author was one of the Company Commanders of 4 GUARDS (1 RAJPUT) that was tasked to cross the mighty Meghna River and charge towards Dacca. The author had the privilege of flying in the very first helicopter that crossed Meghna on the fateful evening of 09 December 1971. This is the first-hand story of one of the most audacious operations undertaken in the history of military aviation. The success of this very operation enabled the Indian Army to achieve that, incidentally, had not been planned in the first place. This is a treasure trove of some very rare and unique first-hand accounts from the senior-most officer in the Corps area of operations to the cutting edge subunit commanders. There is no parallel work of this nature in existence as on date.