FIGHTING ACROSS PASSES: Recapture of Tithwal and Gurez 1947-48. Foreword by Lt Gen SK Saini, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM, ADC, Vice Chief of Indian Army (Hardcover; INR 1495; Delivered pan India only)

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The Killer instinct

The Killer instinct

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Written by a veteran Special Forces officer, this book focuses on the range of special operations with special reference to the role of Special Forces in fighting the terrorists.
Hold at All Costs: Siege and Relief of Poonch 1947-48. Foreword by Lt Gen VS Sreenivas, VSM**, Commandant Army War College (Hardcover; INR 1495; Delivered pan India only)

Hold at All Costs: Siege and Relief of Poonch 1947-48. Foreword by Lt Gen VS ...

1495 INR
This work aims to focus primarily on the operations undertaken in the general area bound by Rajouri in the South to Haji Pir Pass in the North to Jhelum River in the West to mighty Pir Panjal in the East with its centre around Poonch. In the present context, the geographical segment being addressed actually covers the whole of Poonch District with a spill over into Northern part of Rajouri District and some areas now under illegal occupation of Pakistan (PoJK or Pakistan illegally occupied J&K). In order to keep readers in sync with the events happening in other sectors of the erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) State, suitable mentions have been made without digging too deep into such actions. Within the Jammu region, details of the events surrounding Naushera-Jhangar, Kathua-Samba and even Jammu have been mentioned in passing so as not to lose the focus or widen the scope. Similarly, brief references have been made of the events happening North of Pir Panjal Range.
Unholy Jihad: A True Story from  Kashmir

Unholy Jihad: A True Story from Kashmir

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Based on a true story, this gripping account will leave you spell-bound
India-ji: My Land of Birth by Aline Dobbie

India-ji: My Land of Birth by Aline Dobbie

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From the desk of the Author: My families have for four generations lived, served, worked, loved and been born in India. Ancestors served with great distinction. I am the very last of them. Now I sit at my desk and think back to last year’s two months in India journeying through four states, or the previous year’s experiences, or the year before. We have had the good fortune to return to India for varying lengths of time and each occasion provided a wealth of experiences – mostly good – sometimes challenging! This last 20 years of travelling has encompassed the length and breadth of India to its very tip. There is always something that has not yet been seen, or returned to, new places or restored places - and sadly some places that were better left in the distant past. Generally, however India repays close inspection and the approach must always be cup half full. Then, undoubtedly in some strange way, the cup will fill up with rich experiences, beautiful memories and interactions. The people are so important, be they professionals, hospitality providers, drivers of cars, hospitality staff, shopkeepers, connections and new friends plus, of course always, the old dependable friends. In this book I shall endeavour to put before the reader my experiences during the last twelve years of my travels - that is since my last book was published in 2008. There is a short book called Quicklook at India which came out in 2010 and was updated in 2012 but that is for business people who need to absorb the essentials of this great, ancient yet modern land in a quick efficient way - I am assured that 25,000 words can be read in one hundred minutes! This book India-ji, is about places, peoples, animals, birdlife, butterflies, flora, holy rivers, valleys, jungles, great heritage and architectural sites and cities, temples, palaces, forts, havelis, beaches, backwaters, mangroves, mountains and semi deserts which I will invite others to experience for themselves. Ji is the honorific used in India to signify respect and courtesy when addressing a person or writing to them or indeed, about them. Thus, I am writing about the country India-ji.
Sansevieria, the Wonder Plant

Sansevieria, the Wonder Plant

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This book covers everything about Sansevieria plant, the oxygen plant.
Surprise Attack: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi (Hardcover; INR 1675; Delivered pan India only)

Surprise Attack: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi (Hardcover; INR 1675; ...

1675 INR
Surprise Attack: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to Benghazi (Hardcover; INR 1675) is a compilation of major events that took the system by surprise and created shocks across the globe.