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Our Background

A SHOUT-OUT to SERVING as well as VETERAN SOLDIERS & their FAMILIES All of us, irrespective of rank, service association (IA/IAF/IN) and regimental affiliations, have anecdotes, tales, stories and experiences to share. Thanks to a massive landmass that makes India and due to profession-related movements, service personnel and their families get to see and experience many things that remain out of bound or simply don’t fall in the realm of possibilities for many of our country cousins. Such tales must be told to showcase any or multiple perspectives of soldierly lives.

There are many who, because of their keen interests and hobbies, have the ability to dig deep into the historical events or analyse military situations as these may prevail around us and across the globe. All such talents must record what they discover during their forays into the fields of individual expertise.

Our children, as a community, form the most talented youth group in our nation. Each child has individual flair and aptitude. Those who have a gift with the pen (or keyboard), must be given an opportunity to showcase their work and put across their thoughts. Defence ladies, likewise, need to be given an opportunity to contribute through their writings.

Our Veterans are our source of inspiration. It is their duty to record their experiences to enable the future generations of Indian soldiers to read, get inspired and draw lessons from. This is possibly one of the noblest ways to give it back to the organisation that has given us our unique identity.

WHO are WE? & WHAT do WE do?

Sabre & Quill is an initiative by Veterans of Indian Army. A start-up that aims to help writers from the fraternity to publish their work without any financial burden.

We look for submissions from the fraternity. Once a work is received and is found striking enough to be published, we take on the responsibility of putting the work through all stages, including the printing, from that stage. We market the work through own channels.

Our BUSINESS model

We look for no commitments to buy back any number of copies or any investment in any form from the Authors. On top of it, we also pay 10% flat as Royalty on all the sales (as generated in Rupees terms). Our accounts are transparent and the Authors would be welcome to walk in anytime and see the progress at any time. We shall take on financing, inventory management, distribution and marketing part of the process.